Zeno Semiconductor is a semiconductor IP company that develops and licenses novel memory technologies that provide:
  • More than 80% cell size reduction compared with mainstream traditional memory
  • Two orders of magnitude lower standby power and up to 75% lower operating power
  • Manufactured on mainstream IC fabrication processes, significantly lowering manufacturing costs and barrier of adoption¬†

Please email to contact@zenosemi.com for more information.

December 10, 2012
Congratulations to Dr. Jin-Woo Han on receiving IEEE Early Career Award
September 4, 2012
Zeno Semiconductor, Inc. has been awarded NSF SBIR Phase II grant
March 6, 2012
Zeno has been granted the 10th US patent on its innovative memory technology
December 1, 2011
Dr. Stefan K. Lai, a pioneer in Flash memory, joins as member of Advisory Board
July 18, 2011
Dr. Serguei Okhonin, a co-founder of Innovative Silicon, has joined Zeno as a member of Advisory Board
January 2, 2011
Receives 2nd Phase I NSF SBIR Funding
May 15, 2010
First US patent granted

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